Automate your SMM business

The best platform to create a panel for reselling or providing SMM services.

Superb user panel

Give your customers an easy-to-use website where they will place thousands of orders.

Various payment

Give your customers an easy-to-use website where they will place thousands of orders.

Payment Methods

Efficient order

Connect as many APIs as you want for automated order processing.

Powerful admin panel

Control and manage your business. The admin panel has features you never knew you needed.

Key features

  • Subscriptions
    A powerful add-on to create auto likes, auto views, auto retweets, etc.
  • Refill
    This feature may be activated to perform an order refill even if a provider doesn't offer it.
  • Drip-feed
    Help your customers build social media engagement at the desired speed.
  • Average Time
    The average order processing time is calculated based on the order history.
  • User API
    Allows other panels to use your panel as a provider.
  • Notifications
    User and staff notifications for your panel.
  • Import & Sync
    Import & sync services with providers that use our platform.
  • Profit Reports
    Easily keep track of your profits in one place.
  • Admin API
    Lets the admin of a panel automate a number of tasks.
  • Visual Editor
    Quickly and easily transform the look of your panel.
  • Affiliate System
    A partner program to grow your customer base.

Security and Hosting

  • DDoS protection
    Enjoy a stable and reliable SMM panel performance that is resistant to DDoS attacks.
  • Unlimited bandwidth
    You will never be charged based on the number of visitors or traffic to your panel.
  • Your own domain
    Use your own domain or purchase one with our help.
  • Free SSL certificate
    Every panel includes a free 256-bit SSL certificate.
  • Content delivery network
    Reduces download times thanks to a network of proxy servers deployed in multiple locations.
  • Regular backups
    All your data will remain safely stored even if an emergency occurs.

Why Zyadat?

  • All-in-one solution
    Our platform has the necessary tools you need - all in one place.
  • No programming skills needed
    No programming skills required to kickstart and manage your panel.
  • Fair and affordable pricing
    Fairly priced panel maintenance plans tailored to our clients' needs.
  • Constant improvements
    We have been consistently improving the platform since 2013.
  • Reliable service
    The top-rated panels and providers trust us to keep all their data safe.

Let's grow together

Using the platform, our clients have received 4 058 851 179 orders in total.

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